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101 Amazing Harry Potter Facts - download pdf or read online

By Jack Goldstein

ISBN-10: 1782343547

ISBN-13: 9781782343547

Through JK Rowling's sequence of Harry Potter books and the 8 movies, we've been brought to a gorgeous and magical international that i am certain many people want to stopover at. yet what's the tale at the back of what we see and browse, and what are a few little-known evidence concerning the books, the movies, the actors and the characters? This e-book includes one hundred and one awesome evidence that you probably did not be aware of!

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Ralph says this made him feel good about himself...! Ralph also once said that he understands Voldemort’s evilness, saying that being very lonely as a child probably contributed to his character. According to JK Rowling, you don’t pronounce the ‘T’ at the end of VoldemorT. Voldemort’s real name is of course Tom Marvolo Riddle. Voldemort has in fact been played by 6 different actors in the films. Ian Hart and Richard Bremner both played him in different scenes in the first film. Christian Coulson played Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets.

Hermione’s SPEW - the society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare - is not mentioned in the films at all, yet features quite heavily in some books - particularly The Goblet of Fire and The Deathly Hallows. Although it is explained in the book, the film Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince never actually explains exactly why Snape called himself this. Seriously - watch the film again if you don’t believe us! In the first film, the name of Harry’s Owl (Hedwig) is NEVER mentioned! In the books, Hermione is described as having huge front teeth and frizzy hair.

Harry’s Birthday is July 31st. Unlike many other characters in the stories, Harry is not based on a real-life person. The Books In The Goblet of Fire, there is a character called Natalie McDonald. A heart-warming story is behind her... Natalie was a real nine-year-old girl who was a huge Harry Potter fan. She had incurable leukaemia however, and knew she did not have long to live. Natalie wrote to JK Rowling to ask her what happened in the next book, but sadly by the time JK Rowling wrote back Natalie had died of her illness - so Rowling immortalised Natalie in the book.

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