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A Companion to Wace by F. H. M. Le Saux PDF

By F. H. M. Le Saux

ISBN-10: 184384043X

ISBN-13: 9781843840435

ISBN-10: 1846153905

ISBN-13: 9781846153907

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13. 14. 15. 16. Fourteenth century London, British Library, Add. 15606. Burgundian dialect. 12 Rome, Biblioteca Vaticana, Regina 1682. First half of the fourteenth century. Central French. Contains the whole poem in a slightly modernised language, fols. 58b–69b. Same text as MS 6. Lyons, Bibliothèque municipale, 739. Some Picard traits. Contains only the ‘Assomption’ part. 13 Cambridge, St John’s College, B9. Central French. Contains a long poem on the lives of Jesus and Mary, of which Wace’s ‘Établissement’ (lines 1–124) and ‘Assomption’ (lines 1287–1810) serve as episodes, fol.

Does not contain the ‘Établissement’ or the ‘Conception’ sections; fragment of the ‘Assomption’ part, up to line 1452 (fols. 188v–193v). 9. Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, 3516. Picard dialectal traits. Contains Wace’s Vie de sainte Marguerite, Vie de saint Nicolas, and part of the Conception Nostre Dame. ‘Établissement’ and ‘Conception’ sections are missing; ‘Assomption’ up to line 1796. Mutilated folios, fols. 11 10. Carpentras, Bibliothèque municipale 473. Mid-thirteenth century. Central French.

In particular, the executioner Malcus is given a stronger presence in phase 3, making him an important vehicle for the didactic intent of the work: in the Latin, this function is fulfilled by the heavenly voices (particularly the dove). 28 On the structural consequences of this reduction of the number of Marguerite’s prayers, see Keller, pp. 42–3. 29 By ‘speech-act’, I refer to a passage in uninterrupted direct speech put in the mouth of a given character. La Vie de sainte Marguerite 27 Table 1.

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A Companion to Wace by F. H. M. Le Saux

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