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Read e-book online A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, Se Brazil: PDF

By Saulo Rodrigues-Filho

ISBN-10: 3540662057

ISBN-13: 9783540662051

Mineralogical-sedimentological and geochemical investigations together with pollen information of a 12.7-m-long dated sediment middle from Lake Silvana, SE Brazil, let the reconstruction of the climatic background over the last 10,000 years. The lowermost part (I) displays a rough paleosol-type sediment with ample plant particles and rootlets; pollen shows grassland plants. part II represents fine-grained lake sediments; pollen exhibits a savanna-like plants. part III represents a pollen-free, coarse-grained allogenic sediment deposited less than excessive transportation strength (increased precipitation). part IV, a greenish series with expanding C content material in the direction of the pinnacle, has a pollen spectrum of present-day plants (semideciduous forest). the various sediment sections exhibit a reference to erosional stages within the catchment of the lake, in accordance with mineralogy and geochemistry, that are a reaction to weather improvement.

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14). High Fe contents are probably derived from the decomposition of mafic minerals found in the parent rock. Petrographically, the occurrence of Fe oxyhydroxides and poorly ordered kaolinite as pseudomorphs after biotite could be observed. The ordering degree of kaolinite was determined through X-ray diffractograms, which clearly show two different patterns for poorly and well ordered kaolinite (Fig. 15). The strong displacement of the b-axis in poorly ordered kaolinite appears related to the water activity, as its occurrence is restricted to the surface horizon (colluvial unit) and to the C2 horizon, located near the groundwater table.

A total of 72 sub-samples were taken at I 0or 20-cm-intervals. One-meter-long core sections were carefully extruded and sealed in PVC tubes - with the same diameter as the core - for transportation to the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. 1 Coring platform - core SB 1. 5 meters could be sampled. Sampling points within the weathering profile, which may reach a thickness of 30 meters, were selected according to changes in macroscopic features, such as color, texture and pedological and lithological structure.

0 . 22 10 28 30 75 143 EG1/ColI. 1 . 5 32 73,5 113 EG 1/Co11. 2 . 15 8 26 14 35 75 EG1/ColI. 4 o - ° . -- not measured A light increase in Fe, Ti and Cr concentrations were also observed in the colluvial unit relative to the B horizon. , 1979). Both the weathering degree and the composition of the parent rock are controlling the metal distribution within the weathering profile EG2, with the possible exception of Hg. The increase in gibbsite contents at the surface, in this case accompanied by elevated Hg concentrations, is a typical 55 picture of highly leached soils.

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A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, Se Brazil: Evidence for Paleoclimatic Changes from Mineral, Trace-Metal, and Pollen Data (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences) by Saulo Rodrigues-Filho

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