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Download e-book for iPad: Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

By L. De LA Vallee Poussin

ISBN-10: 0895819139

ISBN-13: 9780895819130

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Those complaints, published in volumes, characterize an entire account of the actions of the Berkeley Congress.

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When a dharma goes from one time period to another its nature is not modified, but its existence is. l0a) is modified, but not its color. An example which shows difference in qualities: milk becomes whey; its taste, force, and digestibility change, but not its color.

A question which one should not answer. 22. 78 1. " 2. " 3. " 4. ," this is a question that is to be rejected because the thing called a "living being" does not exist. " *** How can you say (in Karika 22) that one has responded to this fourth question, since one did not answer whether the skandhas are, yes or no, identical to a living being? ]A human being in fact is at one and the same time superior and inferior according to the point of comparison. /' it is not suitable to respond 802 Chapter Five categorically, "He is superior" or "He is inferior;" one should thus respond by distinguishing: one must first be assured of the intention of the questioner.

32 5. The view which considers as cause that which is not cause, or as the path that which is not the Path, is called filavratapardmarsa: namely, to consider Mahesvara, Prajapati, or any other entity which is not a cause of the world as a cause of the world; to consider the rituals of suicide,—entering into fire or drowning—as a cause of a heavenly rebirth when they do not in fact procure heaven; or to consider morality and ascetic practices as the only path to deliverance when they are themselves not the only path to deliverance, nor the "knowledges" (Jnana) of the Saiiimkhyas and the Yogins which are not a path to deliverance; and so too the rest.

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Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

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