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New PDF release: All the Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around

By James M. Price

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Those lawsuits, published in volumes, signify an entire account of the actions of the Berkeley Congress.

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Verse-chorus-bridge designs (ABABCB, or ABABCAB) This basic structure is a tried and true one, one that has stood the test of time. Though verse-chorus designs are basic structures that are not innovative in and of themselves, the contrast they provide counters any risk of boredom. Often it is the smaller elements within a song, and not the innovation of the macro structure itself, that makes music work. The macro structure is best designed to be solid and predictable. Some songs, like the Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”, start with a chorus, then move to a verse.

How many key changes does your song go through? 2. If one or more key changes, which verse(s) or chorus(es) feature the key change? 45 3. What do you like about the melody? 4. , how many verses of poetry does your song set? 5. Does your song have a “hook”? (A hook is a short, repetitious feature that you believe listeners will fixate on, an aspect that reels your listener in and keeps them interested in your song. Describe it): 46 If you can all of the questions above, you’ve a good grasp of the basic innards of your song.

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All the Arabic You Never Learned the First Time Around by James M. Price

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