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Download PDF by Barry Clarke: Amphibian (DK Eyewitness Books)

By Barry Clarke

ISBN-10: 0756613809

ISBN-13: 9780756613808

Amphibian /Амфибии
Лягушки, жабы, тритоны, саламандры и многое другое.
Потрясающий выбор цветов, форм, размеров и места обитания.
Они живут как в воде так и на суше , двигаются и плавают .
В книге серии фотографий этих существ .
Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available in a gorgeous array of colours, shapes, sizes and habitats.
They reside either in water and on land and stream in an exceptional number of methods from swimming, to hopping or even flying.
With a sequence of specifically commissioned photos, Amphibian appears to be like in close-up on the interesting common heritage of those creatures from the intense green,
red-eyed tree frogs to ordinary, burrowing, worm-like caecilians from startling black and yellow hearth salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

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Some are brightly colored and highly poisonous, having complex chemicals in their skin. 5 cm long) to larger ones (up to 2 in, 5 cm), like the two highly colored frogs sitting on the leaves (right). Poison-darts are social animals, with complex territorial, courtship, and mating behaviors. POISONED DARTS The Choco Indians, who live in western Colombia in South America, poison the tips of their blowpipe darts with the toxin from poison-dart frogs. They remove the toxin by heating the live frog over a campfire.

32 Bi-lobed vocal sac of male frog – sacs can also be single or paired Frog calling underwater THE TROUBLE WITH ADVERTISINg Male or female tungara frogs beat mucus and water to build a foam nest to protect and surround the egg clutch The huge, vocal sac of the tungara frog can inflate to about the same size as its body. ” However, for any male frogs (females rarely call), advertising their presence may have its disadvantages, such as attracting predators as well as mates. €58–59), which home in on the€frog’s call.

Introducing foreign species into a country can be harmful – they may compete with the native amphibians. In 1935, the marine toad was introduced into Australia to control the cane beetle infecting the sugar cane.

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Amphibian (DK Eyewitness Books) by Barry Clarke

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