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An introduction to error correcting codes with applications - download pdf or read online

By Scott A. Vanstone

ISBN-10: 0792390172

ISBN-13: 9780792390176

Five. 2 jewelry and beliefs 148 five. three beliefs and Cyclic Subspaces 152 five. four Generator Matrices and Parity-Check Matrices 159 five. five Encoding Cyclic Codest 163 five. 6 Syndromes and easy interpreting methods 168 five. 7 Burst errors Correcting a hundred seventy five five. eight Finite Fields and Factoring xn-l over GF(q) 181 five. nine one other strategy for Factoring xn-l over GF(q)t 187 five. 10 routines 193 bankruptcy 6 BCH Codes and boundaries for Cyclic Codes 6. 1 creation 201 6. 2 BCH Codes and the BCH sure 205 6. three Bounds for Cyclic Codest 210 6. four interpreting BCH Codes 215 6. five Linearized Polynomials and discovering Roots of Polynomialst 224 6. 6 workouts 231 bankruptcy 7 blunders Correction strategies and electronic Audio Recording 7. 1 creation 237 7. 2 Reed-Solomon Codes 237 7. three Channel Erasures 240 7. four BCH deciphering with Erasures 244 7. five Interleaving 250 7. 6 mistakes Correction and electronic Audio Recording 256 7.

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The main issue is interfacing the human motor and sensory channels with the technology in a reliable, durable, effective, bi-directional way. One possible solution is to avoid this sensorimotor bottleneck altogether by interfacing directly with the human nervous system. While still in its infancy, scientists predict that within the next 28 29 30 31 32 33 Camporesi 2008, p 639. Moore 2008. Gasson et al. 2005b, p 365. Warwick et al. 2003, p 1369. Warwick 2002. Cosgrove 2004. 24 M. N. Gasson 30 years neural interfaces will be designed that will not only increase the dynamic range of senses, but will also enhance memory, enable ‘‘cyberthink’’—invisible communication with others and technology34 and increase creativity and other abstract facets of the human mind.

Thus, the additional security feature arises from the permanent identification through the proximity of the RFID implant. For highsecurity applications, the mobile device would identify a person by reading the RFID implant, and then the owner would authenticate to the device via a PIN/ password or biometrics. A ‘smart weapon’ is another example where the application of RFID implants could increase the security of a mobile artefact. On 14 April 2004 VeriChip announced a partnership with gun maker FN Manufacturing to produce a police gun with an RFID reader embedded.

Gasson has also taken the wider academic community some time to agree that meaningful discourse on the topic of human implantable ICT technology is of value. Indeed, the term ‘cyborg’ (a blend of cybernetic and organism) was until very recently largely met with derision. This chapter has sought to highlight in what ways this scenario is evidently a very real possibility. Advances in medical technologies are notoriously slow in coming, not necessarily because the enabling technology does not exist, but largely due to the safeguards surrounding their efficacy, safety and commercialisation.

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