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By Osho

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Glance now at what is given in your part of those published works, on the position they're being seen from. although you've been looking the cosmos from a long time, you are going to by no means discover a Room as spacious, as deep, as excessive and large as this. it's the throne room of this majesty; the king of all kings... our Osho.

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First move into the disease and diagnose it, decipher it, scrutinize it; move into the disease first before you ask for a cure. Don't accept any disease just on the surface, because the surface is where others meet you, and the surface is where others reflect in you, and the surface is where others color you. It may not be a disease at all, it may be just the reflection of others. It is just like a silent lake, and you stand on the bank of the lake with your orange robe, and the water near you looks orange, reflects you.

It was for Churchill to go on a fast unto death, and that was impossible. Either you are hot against someone in particular or just hot against some structure in general, but the heat remains. A Lenin is not compassion, cannot be. Buddha is compassion -- not fighting at all with anything, simply being and allowing things to be as they are; they move on their own. Societies change on their own, there is no need to change them; they change as trees change in season. Societies change on their own -- old societies die on their own, there is no need to destroy them!

If you are concerned with what happened then... so much has happened. Even in twentyfour hours so much happens that if you relate it, it will take years -- and you go on relating. It is just like talking about the weather for your whole life, how it has been: sometimes very hot, sometimes very cloudy, sometimes rainy, sometimes this and that. But what is the point of it all? And what happens? How does the psychoanalysis help a patient? It helps a little. It simply gives time, that's all. For two years you are continuously talking about things that happened.

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