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IdentiÞcation of the media and methods of communication to be used in the program, as well as the basis for selecting the chosen method and media. e. Documentation of the frequency and the basis for selecting that frequency for communicating with each of the targeted audiences. f. IdentiÞcation of program enhancements, beyond the baseline program, and the basis for implementing such enhancements. g. The program evaluation process, including the evaluation objectives, methodology to be used to perform the evaluation and analysis of the results, and criteria for program improvement based on the results of the evaluation.

Recommended Frequency Annually Upon design or major redesign of public awareness materials or messages No more than four years apart. Operator should consider more frequent as a supplement or upon major redesign of program. As required by Þndings of evaluations. S. S. Department of Transportation 6500 South MacArthur Blvd. org 400 N. S. Department of Transportation 400 Seventh Street, SW, Rm. 1 31 APPENDIX B—EXAMPLES OF STAKEHOLDER AUDIENCES When a Public Awareness Program is being developed, one of the initial tasks is to identify the audience(s) that should receive the programÕs messages.

An operator may choose to develop and implement its own program effectiveness survey in-house; have a survey designed with the help of third-party survey professionals; or participate in and use the results of an industry group or tradeassociation survey. If the latter approach is used, the industry or trade-association survey should allow the operator to assess the results relevant to the operatorÕs own pipeline corridors and Public Awareness Programs. 3 Measure 3—Desired Behaviors by the Intended Stakeholder Audience This measure is aimed at determining whether appropriate prevention behaviors have been learned and is taking place when needed and whether appropriate response or mitigation behaviors would occur and have taken place.

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API RP 1162 Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators by API

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