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Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl, Book 04 the Opal Deception PDF

By Eoin Colfer

ISBN-10: 1423132238

ISBN-13: 9781423132233

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It can see me! Scant closed the clones lids hurriedly. Dont worry, Miss Koboi, it cant tell anyone, even if its brain could decipher what it sees. Opal climbed groggily into the trolley. But its eyes can register images. Foaly may think to check. That infernal centaur. Dont fret, miss, said Scant, folding the trolleys false bottom over his mistress. Very soon now, that will be the least of Foalys worries. Opal strapped the oxygen mask across her face. Later, she said, her voice muffled by the plastic.

Their scheme to overthrow the LEP had been ingenious, but there was always a chance that something could go wrong. In the event that it did, Opal had no intention of spending the rest of her life in prison. The only way she could make a clean getaway would be if everybody thought she was still locked up. So Opal had begun to make preparations. The first was to set up the emergency fund for the Argon Clinic. This would ensure she was sent to the right place if she had to induce a cleansing coma.

Artemis, if youre not feeling comfortable, perhaps we should postpone this operation? Artemis zipped the computer game into a backpack, which already contained a number of typical teenage items. Absolutely not. This window of opportunity has taken a month to organize. Three weeks previously, Artemis had made an anonymous donation to the St Bartlebys School for Young Gentlemen, on condition that the Third Year boys were taken on a trip to Munich for the European Schools Fair. The principal had been happy to honour the donors wishes.

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Artemis Fowl, Book 04 the Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer

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