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By Herbert Pierrepont Houghton

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Yetqawam, Imperat. taqawam, Infin. taqawim, Gerund. taqawimo. 3) Synopsis of a Finally Weak verb. Those whose final shows the consonant-syllable wa change that sound in some instances to the vowel u. These are called Oass 1. Let us show the synopsis of the verb talawa, to follow: Imperfect, yetalu, Subjunc. yet'lu Imperat. telu, Infinitive teliwe, Gerund taliwo. Causative Frequentative: Perfect, 'atalawa, Imperf. yatalu, Subjunc. yatalu, Impera. 'atalu Infinitive ataliwe, Gerund. 'ataliwo. The verbs of Oass 2 can be illustrated by saraya, to pardon: Imperf.

There are also a few "Doubly Weak" in which two of the three radicals are either--or both--of these weak letters, wa and ya, such as wadaya to accuse, dawaya, to be ill, hayawa to live. ) 1) Initially Weak. Perfect, walara to go into the field, Imperf. yewaler, Subjunc. yeweler, Imperat. weier, Infin. waftr, Gerund. waftro. 30 Caus. Reflex. Simple: Perf. 'asawefara, Imperf. yastawafer, Subjunc. yastawefer, Imperat. 'astawafer, Infin. 'astawfir, Gerund. 'astawefero. 2) The Medially Weak verb may be illustrated by the verb qoma to arise, Imperf.

TaMbab, etc. 2) Verb stems with Initial Guttural show the Perfect, for example, 'amena, to believe, Imperf. ydamen, Subjunctive, ye' eman, Imperat. 'eman Infinitive, 'amin, Gerund, 'amino. As an example of a derivative stem of this type of verb, we show: Reflexive-Passive Frequentative: Perfect, tdaman, Imperf. yeraman, Subjunc. yeraman, tdaman. In this scheme one notes several duplications. 3) The Medial Guttural verbs may be illustrated by la'aka to send, Perfect; yel'ek, Imperf. yel'ak, Subjunc.

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