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By Rudolf Steiner

ISBN-10: 1855841940

ISBN-13: 9781855841949

Together with his philosophical and clinical education, Steiner introduced a brand new systematic self-discipline to the sphere of non secular learn, taking into consideration totally unsleeping equipment and complete effects. A typical seer, he cultivated his religious imaginative and prescient to a excessive measure, permitting him to talk with authority on formerly veiled mysteries. Samples of his paintings are to be present in this booklet of edited texts, which gathers excerpts from his many talks and writings on a variety of issues and have editorial introductions, observation, and notes. Chapters: The Continent of Atlantis The relocating Continents The historical past of Atlantis The Earliest Civilizations The Beginnings of notion Etheric know-how: Atlantean Magical Powers Twilight of the Magicians The Divine Messengers Atlantean mystery wisdom: Its Betrayal and next destiny The Origins of the Mysteries Atlantis and non secular Evolution

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Atlantis: The Fate of a Lost Land and Its Secret Knowledge (Esoteric) by Rudolf Steiner

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