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Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist - download pdf or read online

By Tara Smith

ISBN-10: 0511191952

ISBN-13: 9780511191954

ISBN-10: 0521860504

ISBN-13: 9780521860505

Ayn Rand is celebrated for advocating egoism, however the substance of that egoism?s guideline isn't understood. faraway from representing the rejection of morality, selfishness, in Rand?s view, really calls for the perform of a scientific code of ethics. This booklet explains the elemental virtues that Rand considers very important for somebody to accomplish his goal future health: rationality, honesty, independence, justice, integrity, productivity, and delight. Tara Smith examines what each one of those virtues is composed in, why it's a advantage, and what it calls for of anyone in perform.

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Further, even when a person’s desires are rational, the proper benchmark for calculating gains and losses to interest is not what a person would like but what he actually has. Realism demands that effects on a person’s interest be gauged against his actual situation rather than against a wished-for situation. To appreciate this, it may be helpful to distinguish two commonly confused situations. 60 The latter is what people often have 59 60 See Rand, “The ‘Conflicts’ of Men’s Interests,” in The Virtue of Selfishness, pp.

Also see Letters of Ayn Rand, ed. Michael S. Berliner (New York: Penguin, 1995), p. 562. If a term’s meaning is dependent on certain facts, when one denies those underlying facts, one no longer has a valid basis for using that term. Its continued use, at best, changes its meaning. P1: JYD 0521860504c02 CUNY333B/Smith 0 521 86050 4 January 30, 2006 Rational Egoism 13:29 25 inanimate object; nothing could be good or bad, proper or improper, for such an entity. If a person does wish to live, however, then he must act to sustain his life.

In ethics, we are concerned not merely with what people do seek, of course, but with what they should seek and correlatively, with how they should act. We want to know not simply what people regard as valuable, but whether anything actually is. 4 The basis for regarding certain ends as objectively valuable to an organism, as the kinds of things that it should seek, Rand reasons, rests in the struggle for life. It is this struggle that makes the concept of value possible and that makes the achievement of certain ends – those that are objectively valuable – necessary.

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