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H. W. Doelle's Bacterial Metabolism PDF

By H. W. Doelle

ISBN-10: 1483231356

ISBN-13: 9781483231358

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Investigations on pantothenic acid and its related compounds. X. Biochemical studies (5). Purification and substrate specificity of phosphopanto­ thenoylcysteine decarboxylase from rat liver. / . Biochem. {Tokyo) 61, 300. 3. , and Shimizu, M. (1967). Investigation on pantothenic acid and its related compounds. VI. Biochemical studies (2). Determination of Coenzyme A by the phosphotransacetylase system of Escherichia coli B. J. Biochem. (Tokyo) 61,10. 4. , and Shimizu, M. (1967). Investigations on pantothenic acid and its related compounds.

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Later investigators therefore divided all living organisms into two groups (4) : (1) green plants, which were regarded as the only carbon dioxide assimilators, and (2) all other forms of life, which must consume the organic products of the photosynthetic group. This led to the assumption that C 0 2 assimilation was in fact photosynthesis. The role of light in photosynthesis became obvious as soon as von Mayer (ca. 1845) discovered the principle of conservation of energy, particularly the conversion of the light energy into chemical energy.

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