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By Q. Bone

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Fishes shape the most important staff of vertebrates, with round 20,000 identified species, and so they exhibit a extraordinary range of dimension, form, inner constitution and ecology to deal with environments starting from temporary puddles to the abyssal depths of the ocean. existence in water ends up in specific difficulties for physique fluid law, locomotion and sensory structures, and those were resolved within the so much creative methods. This textbook could be of curiosity to scholars of fish biology and any of the branches of aquatic biology. The publication additionally offers a practicable evaluate of fish biology for knowledgeable biologists.

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Actinopterygii. Chondrostei. 16) are divided between the bichirs and reedfishes (Polypterus, Erpetoichthys) in the Brachiopterygii, and the acipenseriform sturgeons and paddlefishes (Acipenser, Polyodon and Psephurus). Both groups share primitive characters like spiracle and intestinal spiral valve, but Polypterus, with its closely-set rhomboid scales covered with shiny ganoin, is much closer to its Devonian palaeoniscid ancestors. S. '. 16 Chondrosteans and Holosteans (not to same scale). (a) bowfin (Amia); (b) garpike (Lepisosteus); (c) paddle fish (Polyodon); (d) bichir (Po[ypterus); (e) reedfish (Calamoichthys); (f) sturgeon (Acipenser).

Coral reefs are widespread in the Indian and western Pacific oceans between latitudes 30°C North and 30°C South, and there are also large reefs in the Caribbean and around the West Indies. 9), from the richest central Indo-West Pacific reefs of the Philippines, New Guinea, and the Australian Great Barrier Reef to the less rich reefs around Florida where only 500-750 species live. 10). The Eastern Pacific oceanic barrier (an east-west distance of some 3000 miles), between the Indo-West Pacific and Panamanian faunas has been crossed by very few species.

72, 297-353. V. H. (1982) Relationships of the stomiiform fishes (Teleostei) with a description of Diplophos. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard, 150, 31-93. L. (1988) Golden jubiliee for the coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae. Nature, 336, 727-732. L. and Janvier, P. (1993) Agnathans and the origin of jawed vertebrates. Nature, 361, 129-134. S. (1928). Polypterus a Paleoniscid? Palaeobiologica, 1,87-92. Grobben, K. and Kuhn, A. (1932) Lehrbuch der Zoologie. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

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