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By Rubem P. Mondaini

ISBN-10: 9814343420

ISBN-13: 9789814343428

This quantity includes the chosen contributed papers of the BIOMAT 2010 foreign Symposium which has been prepared as a joint convention with the 2010 Annual assembly of the Society for Mathematical Biology by means of invitation of the Director Board of this Society. The works provided at instructional and Plenary periods via specialist keynote audio system were additionally incorporated. This publication comprises state of the art articles on specific learn issues on mathematical biology, organic physics and mathematical modelling of biosystems; accomplished experiences on interdisciplinary components written through renowned leaders of medical study teams. The therapy is either pedagogical and sufficiently complex to augment destiny clinical examine.

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773 a2 . 4π (4) Spherical approximation gives less satisfactory results in the case of bigger T -numbers, because the capsids’ shapes are closer to an icosahedron than to a sphere. In this case the best way to evaluate the circumference is to use the corresponding Mercator’s projection and count the haxagons forming the belt. 4, VT 4 so the volumes grow quite fast indeed. The useful volumes inside the capsids, serving for ADN storage, are smaller because one has to remove the width of the shell from the total volume; but this effect is not very strong, the capsids being quite thin as compared to their overall dimensions.

Is there entropic segregation of polymers without topological constraints? There are also attempts in the literature 37,38,39 to explain territorial segregation of chromosomes by the entropic factors related to polymeric nature of chromatin fiber but unrelated to its topology, that is, by considering the January 19, 2011 14:49 Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 002˙grosberg 26 linear chains in a confined volume. Some of the authors 37,38 concentrate on the related problem of DNA packaging in bacterial (prokaryote) cells, others look at interphase chromosomes of eukaryotes39 .

We present a simple Landau theory for the growth kinetics of solid spherical shells, as a model for the assembly of large viral capsids. The equations of motion are solved by the Finite Element Method. As a partial shell grows, compressional stresses build up along the perimeter. At a critical size the elastic stress suddenly condenses into a limited number of Volterra Disclinations. These disclinations migrate inwards, as they relieve the compressional stress. Our results indicate that defect-free assembly of solid spherical shells requires substantial plastic flow generated by the disclination migration.

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