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New PDF release: Fossil atlas, fishes

By Karl Albert Frickhinger

ISBN-10: 1564651150

ISBN-13: 9781564651150

Publication by means of Frickhinger, Karl Albert

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109 AGNATHA Order: Anaspidiformes Family: Birkeniidae? J awless Fish e s J awless Fishes �GNATHA diformes order: Anaspiiolepididae? Ende fall1i1y: . -- Unnamed anaspid (length c. 1 5 cm) from the Middle Silurian of Cornwallis I slan , Northwest Territories, Canada. Original: Thorsteinsson Collection, Calgary, Albe a, Canad a . Genus: Horizon: Genus: Legendre/epis Unnamed. M iddle Silurian . Geographical distribution: Horizon: Northern North America. Features: Relatively large anaspids . G reatest length 1 5 cm or more.

They had their widest distribution at the time when they died out. They had no descendants. Up to the present, so e 200 genera have been described, mostly on the basis of isolated plates of the armour. Complete fishes are very rare. distribution of placoderms in geological time. changed after 116 MULLER 11 7 Placoderms PLACODERMI Order: Stensioelliformes Family: Stensioellidae PLACODERMI Or der: Rhenaniformes family: Asterosteidae Placoderms - Stensioeiia heintzi BROILI (length c. 26 cm) from the Lower Devonian of Bun en­ bach, Rhineland , Germany.

1 2 cm. Remarks: Partly bottom-dwelling, partly free-swimming. Recent relatives: None. Died out in the Lower Devonian. Remarks : Probably free-swim­ ming . Recent relatives : None. Died out in the Lower Devonian. BENDiX-ALMGREN. 5 em) from the Lower Devonian of Bennevis, Spitzbergen . Original: Paleontologisk Museum, Oslo, Norway. G e n u s : Poraspis KIAER, 1930 . Jawless Fishes G NATHAidiformes . pterasp Otd�rly'.. EY (length c . 20 cm) from the L�wer : National Museum of Onglnal . Canada ies, Territor st Northwe Island, Prince of Wales Ontan o, Cana da.

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Fossil atlas, fishes by Karl Albert Frickhinger

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