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Fossils of the Santana and Crato Formations, Brazil - download pdf or read online

By David M. Martill

ISBN-10: 0901702463

ISBN-13: 9780901702463

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16. The Santana Formation continues above the Romualdo Member for several metres, but these sediments have yet to be given a formal name. We have resisted doing this here because we feel that a great deal more work is required to establish the relationships of the various beds. They are mainly clays and shales with thin limestones and are noteworthy because of an abundance of gastropods (Paraglauconia cf. lyrica) (text-fig. 16) and occasional echinoderms. This is the most marine part of the sequence.

LEIUG1i3691, x ' ~ 5 . Fie. 6. Microstructure of valve. Soecimen as above. X 400 ~Gcirnensnumbered and LEIUG ho&ed in the Department of Geology, University of Leicester. EXPLANATION OF PLATE 3 Insects and scorpion from the Nova Olinda Memher, Crato Formation plattenkalk, Nova Olinda, Ceara. Fig. I. Unidentified homopteran (leafhopper) in dorsal view, LEIUG 110317, X 5. Fig. 2. 5. (See also frontispiece). Fig. 3. 5. Fig. 4. Unidentified coleopteran (beetle). Notice hind wings projecting from beneath elytra, LElUG 110319, X 2.

Cenragryllus per-oratorius Martins-Neto. Note extended ovipositor, ,EIUG 113612, X 2. 2. Dragonfly (Odonata). Wings and impression of thorax. Probably a lredated specimen, LEIUG 113603, X 1. 3 . Dragonfly larva, LEIUG 113604, X 2. EXPLANATION OF PLATE^ mta from the Nova Olinda Member, Crato Formation plattenkalks, near iova Olinda, Cearri, Brazil. 1. Hymenoptera. adult, cf. Architiphia sp, LEIUG 113609, X 3. 2. Ephemeroptera, mature larva, LEIUG 113600. X 3. 3. 5. 4. Small species of cockroach (Biattodea), LEIUG 1 13599.

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