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Paul Fleisher's Matter and Energy: Principles of Matter and Thermodynamics PDF

By Paul Fleisher

ISBN-10: 0822529866

ISBN-13: 9780822529866

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It will even react with glass! The halogens also include the elements chlorine, bromine, and iodine. They all have a valence of 1 and react strongly with metals. They have strong, unpleasant odors and can be quite poisonous. As Mendeleyev arranged the elements by their properties, he found several places where an element seemed to be missing. Mendeleyev was so convinced his periodic law was correct that he left empty spaces in his chart for undiscovered elements that he thought should be there.

Kinetic energy: energy of motion mass: amount of matter an object or substance is made of matter: any material—solid, liquid, or gas multiple proportions, law of: atoms can combine with one another in different ways, but they still always combine in definite proportions physics: the study of matter and energy and how they behave scientific law: a statement that tells how things work in the universe thermodynamics, second law of: in any energy transformation, some useful energy will be lost and turned into unrecoverable heat.

37 The First Law of Thermodynamics that energy can be converted from any of these forms to any other form. It is still energy, and none of it disappears when it is converted. In the 1700s, scientists were not sure that heat was a kind of energy. Most thought that heat was a weightless, invisible fluid, which they called caloric. However, in 1798 Benjamin Thompson, known as Count Rumford, proved that caloric doesn’t exist and heat is just another form of energy. Rumford studied the heat produced when cannon barrels were drilled out.

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Matter and Energy: Principles of Matter and Thermodynamics (Secrets of the Universe) by Paul Fleisher

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