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Photosynthesis in Bryophytes and Early Land Plants by David T. Hanson, Steven K. Rice PDF

By David T. Hanson, Steven K. Rice

ISBN-10: 9400769873

ISBN-13: 9789400769878

ISBN-10: 9400769881

ISBN-13: 9789400769885

Bryophytes, that are vital components of ecosystems globally and sometimes dominate carbon and water dynamics at excessive latitudes and elevations, have been additionally one of the pioneers of terrestrial photosynthesis. therefore, as well as their modern day ecological price, sleek representatives of those teams include the legacy of variations that resulted in the greening of Earth. This quantity brings jointly specialists on bryophyte photosynthesis whose study spans the genome and cellphone via entire plant and surroundings functionality and combines that with old views at the function of algal, bryophyte and vascular plant ancestors on terrestrialization of the Earth. The eighteen well-illustrated chapters exhibit specified physiological methods to reaching carbon stability and working with environmental boundaries and stresses that current an alternate, but profitable process for land plants.

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2001; Dedysh et al. 2002, 2006; Raghoebarsing et al. 2005; Opelt et al. 2007; Chen et al. 2008) can play important roles in carbon cycling (see Chap. 13). Mycorrhizal-like fungal associations (Fig. 4), which occur widely in modern bryophytes, are suggested by several experts to have been critical to the success of early plants on land (Read et al. 2000; Bidartondo Fig. 4. TEM of the lower epidermis of a marchantialean liverwort and associated glomalean hyphae. Cells of the liverwort ventral surface (upper left corner) possess distinctively electron-dense cell walls, thought to reflect the presence of resistant phenolic polymers.

Graham et al. Fig. 2. Cyanobacterial mat growing on a sandy terrestrial surface. and retention and provide other functions useful in coping with terrestrial stresses (reviewed in Graham et al. 2009). For example, a number of cyanobacteria possess UV-protective sheath pigments (Sinha and Häder 2007) and mycosporine-like amino acids provide protection from UV radiation and diverse oxidative stresses (Oren and Gunde-Cimerman 2007; Sinha and Häder 2007). Intracellular carotenoids provide photoprotection in diverse cyanobacteria (Lakatos et al.

Partnerships also have the potential to provide protective benefits (water-holding mucilage, sunscreens, antibiotics). The potential value of cyanobacterial partners to early land plants is illustrated by symbiotic associations that have been documented for modern early-diverging liverworts and other bryophytes (Basilier 1980; West and Adams 1997; Mitchell et al. 2003; Gentili et al. 2005; Houle et al. 2006; Nilsson et al. 2006; Villarreal and Renzaglia 2006; Adams and Duggan 2008; Rikkinen and Vertanen 2008; Zackrisson et al.

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Photosynthesis in Bryophytes and Early Land Plants by David T. Hanson, Steven K. Rice

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