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Plutarch's Lives, Volume I: Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus - download pdf or read online

By Plutarch; Bernadotte Perrin (trans.)

ISBN-10: 0674990528

ISBN-13: 9780674990524

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Read or Download Plutarch's Lives, Volume I: Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola (Loeb Classical Library No. 46) PDF

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Hellanicus, however, says that the city did not send its young men and maidens by lot, but that Minos himself used to come and pick them out, and that he now pitched upon Theseus first of all, followAnd he says the agreeing the terms agreed upon. ment was that the Athenians should furnish the ship, and that the youths should embark and sail 1 Odyssey, xix. 179. ivwravpov B& Troivrjv. TLpoTepov fjiev ovv ovSefiia awTujpia^ vTreKeiTO' Sib KOI /j,e\av ICTTIOV e^ovaav, co? evrl TIJV vavv eTre/jiTrov Tore Be crvfj,(j)Opa TOV 7rpoBr)\

39 PLUTARCH'S LIVES d\\a , vavs (f)i\ia<> 7rpo TT^OO? avekafie Kal (f)i\iav * eTroirfcre rot? 7T/309 XX. IIoXXol Be \6joi Kal irepl rovrwv en \eyovrat. , ovSev o yovfievov evorre?. ol fJiev yap dTrdy^acrOai avrrjv cnrdXeityOeicrav VTTO TOV Na^oi/ VTTO vavTfov KO^LaOela'av TOV kiovvcrov avvoLKelv, o? jvai GTeipev epws HavoTrrji'Sos jap TO eVo? eV TWV 'HcrioSou ol Se 6i TU> iepel Se TOV At Tleicr e^ekelv (frrjirtv 'Hpea?

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Plutarch's Lives, Volume I: Theseus and Romulus. Lycurgus and Numa. Solon and Publicola (Loeb Classical Library No. 46) by Plutarch; Bernadotte Perrin (trans.)

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