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São Francisco Craton, Eastern Brazil: Tectonic Genealogy of - download pdf or read online

By Monica Heilbron, Umberto G. Cordani, Fernando Flecha de Alkmim

ISBN-10: 3319017144

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The quarter of the São Francisco river valley in japanese Brazil encompasses major parts of the geologic framework of the South American continent: the São Francisco craton and its marginal orogenic belts. Cratons, because the oldest, differentiated and comparatively reliable items of the continental lithosphere, shield a considerable a part of the Earth's reminiscence. Orogenic belts, however, checklist collisional techniques that happened in the course of a restricted time span. as a result of their topographic aid, mountain belts built alongside craton margins offer notwithstanding entry to rock successions no longer uncovered within the low lands of the adjoining cratons. the combo of geologic info received in cratonic domain names and their marginal orogenic belts hence shape the root for interpreting massive classes of Earth’s historical past.
Corresponding to the main intensively studied component to the Precambrian nucleus of the South American plate, the São Francisco craton and its margins host a rock list that spans from the Paleoarchean to the Cenozoic. Precambrian sedimentary successions that witness historical Earth approaches - lots of them of world importance - are specifically good preserved and uncovered during this quarter. With some of these attributes the São Francisco craton including its fringing orogenic belts may be considered as a ‘continent inside a continent’ or a ‘continent in miniature’.

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3 a TTG-Orthogneisses of the Campo Belo Complex, exposed in quarry. b Key exposure of the Alberto Flores orthogneiss (2772 ± 6 Ma), the oldest lithostratigraphic unit of the Bonfim complex. 92 Ga. The Alberto Flores orthogneiss is cut by folded and weakly foliated dikes termed as Brumadinho granite (2702 ± 24 Ma) (Photo: E. P. Oliveira). c Field aspect of the Alberto Flores orthogneiss exhibiting a well developed N–S foliation, Neoarchean in age (Photo: E. 35 P. Oliveira). d Field aspect of the Fontex stone quarry where the Neoarchean migmatite of the Divinópolis metamorphic Complex is locally rich in amphibolite boudins (Photo W.

2003). Such a tectonic framework, according to these authors, indicates that a potential continent-continent collision event occurred at the late Archean, as also suggested by the structural/metamorphic framework of the Passa Tempo Complex. In this regard, we suggest that the Claudio Shear Zone with dextral 42 W. Teixeira et al. transpression kinematics overprinting coeval migmatitic rocks along the western edge of the Bonfim Complex could be tentatively considered as the collisional front. , Noce et al.

Trompette 1994) (Fig. 1a). 5 Ga. , Chaillu-Gabon, Angola, Kasai, Uganda, Tanzania, E-Zaire) intruded in places by granitoid rocks, gabbro-anorthosite complexes and mafic dikes. 9 Ga), during which amalgamation of the proto-West Congo craton occurred (Cahen et al. 1984; Teixeira and Figueiredo 1991; Borg and Shackleton 1997; Ernst et al. 2013). In particular, Iizuka et al. (2010) used U–Pb dating of detrital zircons from the Congo river sands to evaluate the relevant age peaks in relation with the timing of supercontinent assembly.

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São Francisco Craton, Eastern Brazil: Tectonic Genealogy of a Miniature Continent by Monica Heilbron, Umberto G. Cordani, Fernando Flecha de Alkmim

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