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Tales of Durga (Mythology, 1) by Anant Pai PDF

By Anant Pai

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And Grank had had fire sight just like I do! Coryn had never heard this detail before. And didn‟t it make sense that he should become little Coryn‟s tutor since he had rescued the egg? Oh, there were too many coincidences to be ignored. Coryn could hardly wait to leave for Beyond the Beyond. Now he finally knew why he must go. If he had only known this when Kalo asked him why he was going. But then again, he thought, that might have been a little too much. He tried to imagine himself saying to her, “Well, you see, Kalo, your little brother, the egg I rescued, he‟s actually a king and I am supposed to be his tutor.

He was not even sure that he would like the taste of a Running Tree. But he was hungry. He was just about to spread his wings when a shadow passed over him. “Not so fast, young‟un. ” Coryn looked up. It was the raven he had sensed earlier. There were now four others, as well. The raven lighted down on the outcropping. ” “Wolf birds? ” Coryn blinked. “Wolves. What did you think it was that brought down that caribou? ” The raven laughed raucously. “You‟re in a land of great superstition here. Before our time, the Others and such like yourself believed in little spirits with wings.

The Running Tree was suddenly aware. It reared up, its eyes wild with terror. The four River Legs pounced on it and brought it down. One of the hunters slashed a hip wide open, another ripped open a shoulder. But the Running Tree staggered to its feet somehow. It stared hard at its attackers as if it were taking a death stand, as if saying, I cannot run, but I can stand and stare you down even as you set to kill me. Coryn was rapt. He had never seen anything like this. It was as if in that moment something was exchanged between prey and predator.

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Tales of Durga (Mythology, 1) by Anant Pai

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