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Download PDF by Edited by: Marek Bryjak, Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak,: The impact of membrane technology to human life

By Edited by: Marek Bryjak, Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz

ISBN-10: 8370859224

ISBN-13: 9788370859220

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A. V. S. A. ROIZARD** THE INFLUENCE OF FILM THICKNESS ON PERMEABILITY OF GASES AND ORGANIC VAPORS THROUGH POLY(1-TRIMETHYLSILYLPROPYNE) Permeability properties of the most permeable polymer poly(1-trimethylsilylpropyne) depend on different factors, particularly catalytic system used for synthesis and conditions of film preparation. Permeability of gases and organic vapors through PTMSP films synthesized with different catalytic systems (Nb and Ta-based) in wide range of thickness (5–60 m) was investigated.

Application of vapor phase calibration method for determination of sorption of gases and VOC in polydimethylsiloxane membranes, Journal of Membrane Science, 209, 2002, pp. 39–52. , Determination of standard isotherms of the sorption of some vapors with cellulose, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 276, 2004, pp. 284–289. , Separation of methanol-benzene and methanol-toluene mixtures by pervaporation: effects of thermodynamics and structural phenomenon, Journal of Membrane Science, 201, 2002, pp.

LUVs in moderate local hyperthermia (42–44 °C) can be made to release their contents rapidly in the presence of serum [1]. 4. CONCLUSIONS The results of 1H – NMR investigations indicate that temperature-sensitive liposomes with local hyperthermia seem to be a promising approach to targeting of drug. The physical characteristic of liposomes to target release has been successful with temperature-sensitive PC/ODA liposomes in moderate temperature range (42–44 °C) of local hyperthermia. The temperature-sensitive positively charged PC/ODA liposomes may be useful for drug entrapment and their controlled release.

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The impact of membrane technology to human life by Edited by: Marek Bryjak, Katarzyna Majewska-Nowak, Malgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz

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